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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I had an OS moment one day when I filled up my HT gas tank that full! It was a hot summer night and I was having a good ride, till I filled up with a spare fuel bottle, closed the lid, and took off. At first I thought it was raining, till I smelled the gas and felt the burn on my leg from the chemicals now on my pants! The bike started spraying fuel from the filler neck all over my stomach and thighs, soaking me in fuel! I shut off the bike and pulled over, terrified I'd catch on fire. Luckily, nothing happened but some dry skin and wasted fuel, and a massive headache.

Just don't overfill, or get a different tank.

Make your own PVC tank for top tube or behind the seat!

Fancy metal ones:

A lot of people use $15 pocketbike tanks or lawnmower tanks (small ride-on mowers have 1/3 or 1/2 gallon tanks that might work. )

Originally Posted by Mike B View Post
Other than slicing my finger in the gears it was a good time.

The gas gushing out of the tank was a scary thing. And it was a gush too, not a couple of drippies. I didn't have the tank all the way full, but the bottom of the cap was at the gas level. I put the cap on and shook the bike side to side and a river of gas shot out from under the cap. Not cool. Even if you only had the tank half full and the bike fell over, a river of gas would issue from the cap.

Nah, these happy times are rough and cobby things. There are much better options out there.
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