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Default Re: My Build Is Done! Whacha think?

After looking at the pics again I can see what you mean, one of mine is oval also and I dont have a screw through the bracket on it for that reason, sorry I didn't notice that earlier.

As for the vibes, that will settle down in time, mine typically settled in at around 150-200 miles, it takes a few miles before everything gets seated in so just ride it, make sure you always have a good fuel/oil mix and enjoy.

With that 44T sprocket you should have a very comfortable cruise speed of 20-25MPH after break in, maybe even a tad more and probably a top speed of around 30-32mph, later if you decide to go with a ported intake from Pirate Cycles and maybe an expansion chamber exhaust, youl'll for sure notice better torque and quicker acceleration, and if after a while you are looking at a tad bit more cruising speed like maybe 30-32MPH, I would consider going with a 36T sprocket if you dont have a lot of really steep hills around.

That is such a nice clean bike and I know your gonna have loads of enjoyment out of it.

Ride safe

Peace, map

Originally Posted by The Busted Nut View Post
Thanks man. The tensioner is on a bar that is like a oval, the oval is going up and down so the tensioner will have a hard time moving. The vibrations are insane though, but I'm gonna fix that soon enough!
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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