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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Haven't had the happy time out for a while, so I greased up the clutch actuator and the gears. Pinched my finger when I was applying the grease and moved the tire too soon. Ouch, drew blood and bled for a while. Note to self, apply grease with screwdriver from now on.

Filled tank. Wanted to use up rest of gas so's I could try out the opti 2. Filled tank too far. When shook gas spewed out of gas cap and ran down tank and dripped all over motor. Removed banjo fitting and drained excess gas out of tank. Note to self, do not fill tank over 3/4 full.

Rode bike to grocery store and bought groceries and sandwich for lunch. Noticed that bike rides rougher, stinks and is much louder than the nice 4 stroke that is the reason I haven't been riding the happy time much anymore. Note to self, to avoid further injuries and possibility of burning self to a crisp when gas leaks out of tank and onto running hot motor, get rid of happy time ASAP.
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