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Just go by any auto parts store ( Autozone, Napa.....ect. ) and pick up a cheap spark plug gapping tool, only a buck or so.

The width of the plug gap is critical for allowing the ignition spark to be at it's optimal strength for the best ignition of the fuel air mixture, if the gap is 0.020 it will produce a smaller shorter spark than a 0.030 gap, the gap is set based on the strength of the ignition system, if the gap is adjusted to say 0.050 then it will be too wide for the ignition/coil output strength of these engines and the strength of the spark will be reduced because it has to jump farther than it can jump and still be a strong hot spark.

Hope this helps with the ?'s

Peace, map

Originally Posted by Kristof View Post
How do i do that exactly? Do i have to buy the spark plug gap gauge and then force it to be .030 inches?

Why is it supposed to be .030 inches?
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