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Default Re: about to order my engine kit


you will likely get many differing opinions on the questions asked here, but there is one opinion that you will likely here from the majority of us here and that is " Don't order your engine kit from"

If you will do a search on this forum concerning many negative experiences with dealing with those people at you will know wht many of us will quickly steer yo away from doing business with them, I'm NOT bashing gasbike here at all but they have proven many time to be very unreliable and you will likely het a Grubee GT5 kit reguardless of which one you order from them, they tend to always send that kit no matter what someone orders.

Now, against some members advice I have bought all of my kits from BGF on ebay, I dont neccesarily recom. everyone do this, I understood from the beggining that there would likely be no service after the sale or much of a waranty if I had a problem, but I took that chance because of the price difference at the time, from what I've seen lately, prices are not to far off from most other sellers now so I would probably purchase a new kit elsewhere if I needed one now, I have heard many good reports about Products this is most likely where I will order another kit in the future, I have not heard of any bad experiences with this seller that I can remember and they offer very good prices on there kits and many have said that they have been extremely happy with the "RAW" kit engines. is known for horrible customer service and for not sending people what they order, I have never heard any of this about Products others also offer great service that advertise on this forum but some of them are just charging to much for their kits in my opinion so even though I really like them and there products & service I just wont buy their china girl kits at the much higher prices.

:Here is the waranty information on Products :

You have 24 hours from date of arrival of your kit to claim any missing or damaged parts. After 24 hours we will no longer warranty any parts. Bicycle Engine fits on standard 25mm 29mm frame tube. Anything bigger or different in size will need to be drilled into your frame and the use of a universal face plate. We are giving you a full 6 months warranty (exchange) on our RAW engines. However, this will not cover engine seizure if the correct ratio of oil and petrol is not used.

If they honor this waranty, it aint to bad in my book, and better than the most for what you'll pay for the kits they sell.

Just my $0.02 worth here, nothing more....nothing less.....!

Best wishes on what ever you decide to go with.

Peace, map

Originally Posted by donphantasmo View Post
So, I planned on buying the bike, then ordering the engine a few months later. I had a change of mind, and figured why wait? So I'm about to order the kit probably on Wednesday, the 10th.
I plan on ordering a 66cc kit, but I'm stuck between a few. I mainly wanted to know the difference between them. I'm ordering probably from the same company, and haven't contacted them yet.
Please help.

Should I get the GRUBEE SkyHawk GT5 66cc/80cc Angle Fire Slant Head Bike Motor Kit.
GRUBEE SkyHawk GT5 66cc/80cc Slant Head Bike Motor Kit (Standard Finish)

or should I get the Jet 66cc/80cc, Standard Finish
Jet 80cc 2 Stroke Bicycle Motor - Jet 80cc 2 Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit - 66cc Bicycle Engine Kit

or the Silver Slant 66cc/80cc
Silver Slant 80cc 2 Stroke Bicycle Motor - Silver Slant 80cc 2 Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit - 66cc Bicycle Engine Kit

There is also a Silver Flying Horse 66cc/80cc Bicycle Engine Kits
Silver Flying Horse 66cc/80cc Bike Motor Kit - Silver Flying Horse 66cc/80cc Motorized Bicycle Motor Kits

I have heard good things about the 80cc Raw Motor Bicycle Engine Kit
80cc Raw Bike Motor Kit EPA Certified - 80cc Raw Motorized Bicycle Motor Kits EPA Certified
It's listed as discontinued, but still on their page.

I have done a lot of research, and I know that they are basically the same. But any negatives on either of these? I'm not looking to do 40MPH, Don't care if I go over 30. I'm 5ft 10 and 185, and I just want to go around my neighborhood without taking the big motorcycle out.

Let me know what you guys think.

Thank you in advance.
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