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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I botched the re-jet job on my cns yesterday.
Soldered it and drilled to #74.

Attempted to use 3 rings cit from 3/4 copper waterpipe to replace the pvc manifold spacer the cns uses. I've got the thinner grade of copper tube, (I never could remember which is which, type L or type M), but 3 rings is still too thin.

and I made em 14mm long and that's NOT good because it bumps the weld on the stock manifold and does not allow the cns to seal up against it's manifold washer/seal.

Changed out the petcock on the peanut tank! This one taken off one of my HF generators is much more positive and does not leak.

...first thing when I turned it on is the cns float valve stuck open and dumped gas all over $#@!

and I got the float adjust level now.
Anyone got any tips or hints to get the float and needle valve working properly!

Really jealous of GH with his great explanation of adjusting his new dellorto!!!
Gosh I'd like to have one of those!

Back to the drawing board! I wanted to ride today...
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