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Default Re: Tools to have with you.

Greg58 -

Awesome kit. Looks like you're ready for anything that comes your way. I try to take the same approach.

My main issue is carrying too much stuff, because the more I have, the more I have to look after, amounting to me losing stuff. Additionally, I worry about people stealing stuff, so I figured it would be best to carry small, multipurpose tools, and as few thing possible that nobody will likely want.

I have two bike bags, one under my banana seat, and another in front of it behind the fuel tank. One carries a pair of pliers, which I can use to tighten or take off any size nut on my bike. It also carries the keys for my 2 bike U-Locks, and I use it to hold my small pocketed items - cell phone, eyeglasses case, wallet, and my student ID card. My second bike bag holds a multi-tool set, (looks like an army pocket knife), that holds a set of hex wrenches, a flat head and phillips head screwdriver all in one. For oil, I use a small, 3 oz bottle that use to hold Johnson's Baby Oil for holding my supply of Opti-2 oil, (lasts me for 4 tank refills for a half gallon tank.) It also holds a bag I use to cover my air-filter in case it rains when I lock the bike up. Lastly I have a small metal spoon I use to mix my oil and gas when I'm out refilling it.

Since I always carry a small backpack when I ride out, I just use that to carry my air pump and bungee-net. I'll also use it to carry a supply of Slime in case I catch a flat when I buy it. If I ever bring my chain,(locks with a small U-lock) with me, I carry it in my backpack. My big U-Lock I just lock to my one of my backpack straps.
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