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Default Re: Felt MP with 6.5+hp engine hidden in rear of a sidecar?

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Sounds like a fun project!

Other than the normal issues w/any sidecars (handling & maneuverability, width) the only issue I can think of is applied traction (minor), while there may be some "torque steer" (wrong word methinks, but I can't think of one better either lolz) from the offset drive wheel, I think it'd be minor & easily compensated for *shrug*

A couple few of our members have gone the sidecar route (tho none powered as far as I know) & come to mind... Might wanna check this thread fer inspirations ifn you've not seen it already:
I'm going to try my best to drive both rear wheels with one extra wide go kart axle running straight through both rear wheels (bike and sidecar) but who knows how hard that is gonna be. The bike will remain untouched with all the power, drive-train, and go kart disc brakes hidden behind the sidecar seat which is a standard go kart seat. The sidecar will be built to hold a 6 foot tall person in it and the engine will be a minimum of 200cc 6.5hp 4 stroke Stage 1 Go Kart engine with a Comet Torq-A-Verter on it. When I hit a hill it will not matter. It will just keep accelerating.

Is there any advantage or disadvantage to what side the sidecar is on?
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