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Default Re: Carb and oil questions...

There's quite a few people who are very excited about the Opti2 oil.
100:1 would make me nervous as a day in church!
I have no clue what they do for break - in...

Whatever you decide to run, probably best to leave the carby running fat until you at least run a tank of fuel through it. Of course all depending upon how you ride.
By the time you've gotten most of the way through that first tank you will know all about 4 stroking! lol
The engine just kinda burbles, loads up and stumbles all over itself instead of accelerating briskly and smoothly. When you begin leaning it out by messing with the main jet it will come alive, and you'll know it! :-)

Whatever you do, do NOT mix at 20:1 for break-in.
Our oils today are ALL better than when that was ever the right thing to do.

I can't recommend an oil because I'm non-discriminating... I'll run anything I can get my hands on at abt 30:1 and if it's something I like I'll run at abt 40:1 in an engine that's well broken in and running well.

Good luck!
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