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Default Re: Rear Rack Fuel Tank

Originally Posted by The_Aleman View Post
Nice, that's a Coyote-Gear tank. They have a website and you can buy direct from them. I didn't know they also sell on eBay.

I put a 6x12" on my bike last year and my brother put a 4x8" on his a few months ago.
Definitely high quality tanks, but be careful of the gas cap - it breaks easily.
Many automotive gas caps do fit tho, including lockers!
You're right, I did see the Coyote Gear name on the receipt. The tank seems high quality, and the brackets are overkill for a MB. The paint on the brackets was really thin, but I sprayed some black on them. $151 shipped is a decent price me thinks. It's 4 x 11.

I'm not in love with the look. I don't hate either. It does get the job done, and unlike the stock tank it's not going to come loose and rotate around the cross bar. It feels real solid now.

Maybe if I paint it, or put a sticker on or something.
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