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Default Re: Honda GX31 and schwinn cruiser

Originally Posted by Dagwood View Post
Anyone know where a fella can get a in frame kit ...minus engine of high quality for a Honda GX31 to install in a Schwinn Cruiser? Looking to build a motorized need for speed...20-25mph or so is plenty...just want good stuff...
In frame kits for the smaller 35cc 4stroke motors don't exist. You are pretty much on your own mixing and matching parts to get just what you need/want. There are several reduction units from various manufactures the can easily be made to work in frame with your motor. The Drives from Staton Inc. all are made to fit your motor with a minimum of fuss. He has a small 3.11:1 drive that maintains the CCW rotation of the motor. He also has some newer 5:1 and 7:1 Drives the could also work easily I think. Then there is the Larger 18.75:1 unit and the newer 16.?:1 version. There is a version of the Grubee 4G Reduction drive that will also bolt up to your motor as well as the CVT Drives that are made for the Pocket Bike motors.

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