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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by The Berry View Post
I spent 4 days playing with my throttle cable, which is too long. I tried securing it so that it does not stick out to far, yet free enough so when I turn my handle bars the bike doesn't reve or idle high. Finally concluded to cut the d@mn thing.

Before I did it, my dad comes a long, and secures it so that it doesn't stick out, yet moves freely so the bike doesn't reve or idle hitwgh when the handlebars are turned.

I see how he did it. Why I didn't thing of it during my 4 days of playing with the throttle, I have no clue... :/
Dads are always smarter or just see the obvious easier... at least mine was and I hope I live up to that model with my kiddos..

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