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Default Re: FINALLY DONE! THANK YOU ALL! Check this out...

I've been following this thread, not because of you guys ragging on the OP for "outrageous" speed claims, but because I've wanted to see pics of the bike. Instead the OP gets a very hostile feel to the replies on his thread and that's probably why I've not been able to see any pics yet.

Now, as far as the speed claims go, I have no doubt that he can get that speed with such a small sprocket and a stock engine. My buddy and I lucked out a few years ago when we got our motor kits. Both motors were stock everything except sprockets. We both got 36t sprockets. When we were going some place on our bikes we rode almost WOT, just not quite WOT and were doing 35 mph. When we went WOT we hit 40 and stayed there. We both had speedos that registered within .5 mph of each other. Mine would say 39.6 and his said 40.1. And we kept up with traffic in a 40 mph zone.

I say give the OP a break, with a 24t sprocket I have no reason to doubt his speed claims and I still want to see the bike.
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