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Default Re: Western flyer Cruiser(aka AMF)

Tnx for posting the pics of your Murray cruiser.
Kinda fun sorting through the badging that has been done in marketing!

The basket case HT I had bought was a murray, with a springer. I've set it aside to use a MTB frame until I learn to build a better motorized bicycle because I do like the cantilever frame better and wish to do it right. Your post has helped me towards making decisions that I'll use one day on down the road.

I'm learning more each day! lol That's a good sign! :-)
I really would prefer to have more trail in the front end than most MTBs have.
They don't work for my needs.

and suspension! wow! I've put SO many miles on a pedal bike w/o suspension, and now I don't really want to go much further without at least a front fork suspension!

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