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Talking Re: FINALLY DONE! THANK YOU ALL! Check this out...

I agree that it's possible to get those speeds with that gearing, but only if there has been a pretty good amount of modification to the engine and he is a light weight.

I'm not a doubter if all things are right, but with a stock engine and no major mods other than the 24T sprocket I just don't see it unless it was clocked on a pretty good hill on the way down.

If we get proof that shows us i'll be happy for him, heck I'm happy already I'd just like to see some proof of the claimed high speeds, I reall yenjoy seeing these bikes go fast, putting around is good too but being able to really ring-em out and get a good top speed is very exciting...

Peace, map

Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
With a 24 rear sprock, I believe it! Get some vid on youtube and post a link here.

must be slow to get rolling with that gear tho
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