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Default Re: New guy, need a bit of help!

2 years ago now- this is a 66 kit from bikeberry and I 've also built a 50 slant kit from boygofast

I use my own mounting technique- I grind/file the front mount until it fits around tube, and replace the studs with longer rear ones or long metric bolts with cut off heads. I bend them outward slightly with the flat of a wrench- DON'T BREAK- yhe holes are actually closer together than the frame tube width, but at the center of the tube, not the top- this gives a little bending room- it's only about 1/16"

when the motors on the frame- scratches the paint a bit- I bend them back and touch paint and clearcoat- I use rubber to dampen vibration top and bottom= Hugs the frame pretty well and doesn't stick up off the frame.

kits now are coming with a

I like the 50 kit I put on a cruiser with 700c wheels to be very light- but frankly the 66's have more power- and it seems that 50cc replacement parts are getting a little scarcer to find- most people now us 66 2 strokes.

Notice with the 700c wheels, you can use regular handbrakes- they still must be chosen carefully- a longer reach is on the back- a more normal reach on the front- but neither extreme and readily available- and there's a wide choice of tire sizes, depending on the width of the rim-
This is an older Huffy frame with no cantilever brake fittings- had a coaster brake I didn't want to mess with either!

I just won't ride anything but alloy rims!

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