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Default Re: First time Cranbrook Build Help!

These things take some patients *deep breath* lol.... I'm pretty sure you have to use the brake, bad things might happen to your hub.

To fit the sprocket you can grind the sprocket to fit or mod the dust cap. Use the rubber mounts on each side of the spokes and personally I use one set of the metal brackets where the nuts are, and yes the nuts are suppose to be on the inside.What do you mean the crank isn't turning? For the chain, I too have this problem. I've been playing with the axle to get a sweet spot. Mines not terrible but it might hit when it gets bouncing, most the time it's off though. Take your time, and expect to fix things. I have a cranbrook too,it's been a lot of fun and heartache too lol. I've learned a lot and expect to learn a few more things.
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