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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Beginning to wander if I will here from this guy about the grab box of carbys?

On the other hand got a used 21 mm Dellorto carb in the mail today from one of the fellow forum members for a fair price. I basically swapped all my custom jetting parts over from the Phb6 19 mm Del I was using. That carby was jetted just a tad too rich over all. Which was fine for our summer heat spell we had in the desert I think and getting to know this 9.4 Morini

The back veiw of this 21mm is much larger the rest of the carb the rest of it is basically a carbon copy of the original. So its kinda like a guy doing a little porting.

I never really had a complaint what so ever how the bike was previously running it had plenty of power. Curiosity was bound to get the best of me. Just had to see if the grass might be a little greener. lol.

I fired up the bike ''BoXer'' and loved it I say I got around a whole 7% mebbe in more power. I can creep around a little slower and the response is a little better. All in all a pretty cool day.
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