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Default Re: And Yet Another 1st Cranny Build - Some Issues

Yea, the throttle on these do only turn a little. if it sits on the idle adjustment screw when you let go and opens to full throttle when twisted then i dont see a problem with that. i usually move the adjuster on the carb so the slider will move all the way up. that may be yer prob..?

as for the chain tensioner moveing it just sounds like you need to tighten the two mounting bolts tighter. i had to tighten the one on my Trek so tight that it bent the week stock hardware and i replaced them with grade 8 bolts and nuts, then just cranked them down as hard as i could. i would deffinetly do that before drilling that part of the frame.. as we have pointed out the huffy frame is thin and it may form a crack or plain snap.??

are you shure that you have everything lined up?? get down behind the sproket and sight the chain from rear sprocket to the front one get them lined up as well as you can. that and tighten up the guide and you should be fine.

only time i had that happen to me is when the chain bound up in the engine clutch cover and locked up the drivetrain on a first start. it moved the roller bracket and broke the plastic roller

hope you get this before ya drill. good luck, and T>G>I>F!!

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