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Default First time Cranbrook Build Help!

ok, I got my kit today and couldn't wait to put it together......
first i mounted the engine...had to use the metal plate..drilling a hole in the frame. finally got it mounted....then I took the coaster brake off and put the sprocket on....left the brake off of it..not sure it i did it right but it is on. shortened the chain and put it on the engine....that's as far as i got....that took about 8 hours..and i'm pooped. A lot harder than I thought it would be.. here are the problems so far.
The chain is rubbing the tire...the crank does not turn freely....and i think i have the sprocket bolts on wrong do the nuts go on the inside ? And should I put the metal brackets between the sprocket and the gasket type thing and inside of the spokes....i only have them on the inside of the spokes...I watched so many videos on the engines, I thought it would be a breeze....hope someone can help....i'm confused...almost ready to take it to the bike shop...but i'll be patient.
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