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Default Re: FINALLY DONE! THANK YOU ALL! Check this out...

Well, my bike goes 41 MPH, according to my Garmin strapped to the gas tank. Iv'e made several runs and always got close results. This is with a 36 tooth and a lot of work, open header exhaust, Duane's GT50R carb (tuned), Manic Intake, etc. I went 35 with my 44 tooth which I miss a little because I had a lot of pull on low end. I lost that with the 36 but I ride to get places and I want to keep up with traffic as much as I can. I have pics on my phone, if people really care, I'll see if I can post them up (If I still have them, my memory got full a couple times so I deleted some) But 47 smells a little fishy. Maybe with that small sprocket I think he mentioned, down hill. But 44 MPH flat with that small of a sprocket? You'd need a super strong engine to even get it to rev high enough to reach 44. But until I see proof, I'm not believing, sorry.
They call these Power Assisted Bikes....Wait, who's assisting who? Last time I checked, I spend twice as much time in the garage working on it than I do riding it! Vista Out.
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