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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Tnx KC, but this one does have the CNS48. It's the basketcase I bought from the college kid. Among other probs with it, the carby was off, and apart. He had said something about there being no power... lol

Basically all I could do, since it was a discount offering, was check for compression, which was good, and look in through the exhaust port for scoring on the piston, which also looked reasonable.

He had taco'ed the rear wheel and bought another, and had two new cruiser cheng shins to go with it AND a new back wheel. I was able to fix the bent up one, so I'm parts ahead, in the game.

Gonna pull it down today and inspect/grease the clutch hub bearings.

I need to figger out why the needle valve is prone to leaking. Guess I'll need to buy some Clover compound...

Gosh that Cadillac bike is a nice rig!
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