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Default Re: And Yet Another 1st Cranny Build - Some Issues

Originally Posted by donkeyman2341 View Post
Good news on the cranny front! My uncle was able to get the screw out enough to put new ones in. So the engine is now officially mounted.

As for the rear sprocket, my biggest concern is chain clearance. The way I have it setup now, the chain actually clears the frame and tire pretty well. But, according to others, I have the sprocket on wrong. question is if I throw one of the rubber stoppers back onto the other side of the spokes, I lose not only my coaster brake, but my chain clearance as well. AHHH! Can someone enlighten me on this??

The other thing is my chain seems too long. As you can kind of see from this pic, its sitting very low. Even when I just placed the tensioner on the bike with my hand, it seems too long. The bottom part of the chain hits the top part before its anywhere near tight enough. Are people shortenging their chain?? And if I do shorten it, can I just make it the correct length and not worry about the tensioner?

Sorry for all the questions, just tryin to make sure I do this right. Thanks.
Hey did you ever get this figured out? I kinda feel like I hijacked your thread.
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