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Default Re: like the concept, need alot of help

generally problems come down to two things: compression or spark. If you followed the "instructions" given with the kit, that might have screwed you up pretty good, as that white wire isn't a ground but a power output from the magneto. Whn I built my first bike I had the same issue. And really you can just ignore that kill switch altogether, as they're crap and it's just as easy to brake and pull the clutch to kill the engine. All that switch does is short the circuit anyways and they're known to malfunction and cause problems with ignition.. I make it a habit (like many of us here) to give a good run through of the motor as a whole before taking it out on the road. A lot of these kits have crap gaskets made from tar paper and they can be DOA on arrival. Also there's a posibility that extra flash from the molding process is rattling around in that upper jug and that can kill the piston and sleeve pretty quick. Generally I get rid of the crap hardware (nuts and bolts) that are made of soft metal because you can over torque and strip them pretty quick. Sick Bike Parts has a kit for cheap that swaps out the jug bolts and engine mounts, and you can usually find the nuts @ your local hardware store. OH. And LOCTITE is your friend when it comes to mounting the motor and the Loctite blue is decent to use on the other nuts and bolts as things loosen with vibration pretty quickly. The clutch arm on these things are usually pretty stiff so I wouldn't think that would be the issue.. After you wire it all up unscrew the spark plug, leave it in it's boot and pedal while paying attention to the plug.. if it's not sparking you've got an electrical issue. If there is a spark then it might be a bad seal on the motor. I've had 3 or 4 instances of the lower jug seal being faulty and losing compression through a pinhole leak.
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