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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by rustycase View Post
...Took off the cns when I got back home and put on the nt from the other kit that's never been assembled. Night and day!
For one thing, the float valve works, and I like the lever choke far better than the cable connected plunger-thingy-do-dad. AND, it got one cable off my handlebars! Bonus!!!
I don't think the plunger was seating properly. Now that I've taken it apart, again, I can see where it has a bit of rubber on the bottom of it. I don't think it was sealing well, even with the spring pressure pushing down on it.

I wish the nt had a idle speed mixture control, but doesn't seem it needs one...

Brakes functioning on rear AND front is like night and day! Whew!
I will learn my lesson and never, ever, go out under power with only one brake again!
MOF, you couldn't sell me a coaster brake on a motorized bicycle on a bet!
I'm gonna look for disks, next!
Wise choice about brakes bud, at least one each wheel, like the late Carl Maulden would say in an American Express commercial, 'Don't leave home without it' hehehe ;-}

I take it you have a new 48cc Skyhawk kit that came with a CNS66 carb?
From Kings/Gasbikes?
They know those carbs won't run on a 48cc but send them anyway.
If you bought a 2010+ Skyhawk 48cc through PayPal from Kings/Gasbike just 'officially' dispute the charge and offer to settle for a kit with the wrong carb for $70.

The CNS66 however does run great on a 66, especially when you put an expansion chamber on it, you just need to seal it up good.

What did I do to my bike today?

It was actually last weekend but I finished up the Cadillac I was building for a new direct drive demo/back-up ride bike.

Funny long story about that bikes history but in short I bought a couple of those Cadillac Fleetwood NuVinci shifter beach cruisers at the same time.
One I made into a jackshafted shifter for a customer, but I took the wheels off of this one and put them on my personal ride to replace the Nuvinci Dev Kit automatic hub I tried out (thumbs down on that as they are today).

That left me with a strong and nice looking bike but with no wheels or brakes as the Caddy only comes with a back disc, which went to my bike with the NuVinci tranny back wheel.

I had a nice set of wheels on a mountain bike that couldn't be motorized and put them on it along with a 2010 Skyhawk 66cc motor and other unused parts I had around and made this.

Sure it has a 7-speed rear wheel but no derailleur and set in 3rd, but that was the best gear for this direct drive build and it didn't need a chain tensioner on either chain after a little chain work.
I love horizontal drop-out bikes, and ya, it sports dual-pull brakes ;-}

So much for keeping it around for a sharp looking great running demo/backup bike though...
I had barley got in 5 miles of little test/adjust runs in when a guy called Sunday that absolutely NEEDED an motorized bicycle that day!

That Caddy was all I had built for sale under $2,000.
I told him to call me back in a 3 hours and I may have something finished.
It was like 113 thousand degrees outside last Sunday afternoon but I put another 10 miles on it, made the final adjustments and out the door she went.

SaLaVee I guess, but that was a bike I really did want to keep.
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