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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

That DOES sound like a nice ride, Mike!

I only made a couple short hops to the post office and to the market.
NEED to hook up my kill button. :-( pedal coasted up to a stop in a good spot and passed by a nice young lady, sitting at an outside table with here daughter, eating a pizza. Aargghh. NOT good. I said excuse me as I passed by, with the motor idling, and spoke to her pleasantly abt the bike as I finished my business and apologized again for passing by her lunch table with my chain saw.
She was happy enough.

Some free samples of hummus and pita outside the pizza joint... I went in to ask abt it and say tnx and discovered a real cutie working in there! lol

...Sounds like a good deal in the works for the carbs, GH !
I'd like to have a nice carby with an adjustable hi-speed jet. Gosh that would be nice!

No carbs, but I drug home THIS...
I'll repair the frame, spruce it up and paint it and sell it on Craigslist so I can get more ht parts. lol Gonna keep that back drive wheel with the sprocket and chain to make a pusher trailer. Got a pair of old kart wheels w/slicks out somewhere in the pile to throw in with the frame when I sell it.
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