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Default Re: And Yet Another 1st Cranny Build - Some Issues

my front wheele had a tiny wobble at first...

well if the wheele is out of true it can be fixed... a bit of a pain but you know what you have after you mess with it instead of relying on a factory made wheele. almost all new wheeles have to be "trued" and re trued after a few rides. if the wheele is seriously wobbly ide take it back... on the other hand their are a few things to check before you waste youre time trying to warreny parts and end up with the same thing when you get the new wheele!all low dollar bikes need to be gone over with a fine tooth comb.. it could be the bead is not set properly .... but ide bet from what you described its just a case of loose bearings. you may need to adjust the cone and lock nut on the axle...

ive had to adjust mine and have had to re-set the rear the first few rides while all the components "broke in".... keep a close eye on the rear bearings. shake the wheele after everey ride.... loose packed bearings need frequent attention...
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