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Default un consistent top speed

so i have an occ chopper with a h/t or china girl motor (el cheapo). anyways i love it, its great for all the things i use the bike for but i have one problem.
the faster the motor rotates the more vibration it creates until it reaches a certain rpm. it will speed up still but the vibrations slowly go down. the problem lies at the max vibrations.
sometimes the motor will not go past the extreme vibrations. for example i ride to the store and my top speed on the way there was 30.2 mph down hill. on the way back i got up to speed of 33 on flat and 37.9 down hill.
basically i dont understand why it will max out some of the time and want to bog out others. any ideas.

also i have an extended exhaust, 32t sprocket, and a slant head.
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