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Default Re: Um, Yeah I'm pretty excited.

Originally Posted by his196 View Post
Helmets for the daughters for sure Don! I haven't towed my two kiddies yet, but I wouldn't want them to 1. Watch daddies chain break into his rear spokes, and throw me off the bike, and 2. Then I get to watch where they and the whole rig end up!

Also, if you've got the front cover for the trailer, keep it on always, as you never know what kind of debris or parts the bike may throw at them, even at 20mph.

My daddy-instinct 2 cents is all!

Have fun with your build!

For sure. I'm not going to be going faster then 10 maybe, but my 2.5 year old will be buckled in, and the front will be zipped. The other daughter isn't born yet, but she will eventually be a passenger when the time is right.
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