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Default Re: Head stud swap and improvement?

Originally Posted by The Busted Nut View Post
No hard feelings man. :P
Thanks for your courtesy, busted.

There's a lot lacking in communication via keyboard...
As you know, I really have NO IDEA who I'm talking to, and you can't see me waving my hands and making stoopid facial expressions while I'm making my presentation, such as it is... :-) and emoticons don't really cut it, do they!

Even when discussing facts I have a rather casual attitude that many folks won't quite accept. We're all different, and that's what makes the world go 'round...

Bottom line is, these kit bikes are a great value for the money in spite of their limitations. And they are fun!

Fun to use, fun to work on, and just fun to appreciate for what they are, in the company of others.

I understand some folks want to build the best they can of a certain or specific widget, and how much enjoyment they might get from doing that.
I'll try to be more cautious at my keyboard in the future.

...really don't want any folks in SD ticked off at me, because I DO get down there from time to time and would not like to have anyone tossing stones at me because my ht is NOT a rapid getaway machine! :-)
(I went by another radar street sign yesterday.... fat burbeling 4 stroking at WOT blazing along the Old King's Highway at 22mph ! LOL )

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