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Default Re: Head stud swap and improvement?

ok, I'll ask forgiveness for my wise guy reply.

Ur still only going to get so much out of a cheapo engine!
The basic metalurgy is, well, junk!
...and many of the studs and bolt holes are too near an edge of the casting...

But I will admit they are fun to work on and everybody loves em for what they are.

I started stacking up my receipts for the improved nuts n bolts... then I tossed em because I could see it was gonna end up more than the cost of a replacement motor... honest! advice I've gotten as far as your other post ... the four stroking part...
Solder up the main jet and drill it to #73 which is two steps smaller than what mine was stock... you'll probably be closer to the ballpark at that point. Set the needle circlip in the second from the top... take it from there...

You could make a bottom tap like I have done... stick a standard tap in a vice, and smack it with a hammer to snap it off... instant bottom tap! and cheaper, by far.
bbbbut the problem is, as I said earlier, there's not sufficient metal there to work with and it's quite likely that threads will be pulled when removing the original studs. really !

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