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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Picking up woman?

snork, snicker .
Nah, I was on a drug run...

Picked up my meds at the clinic. The girls were happy to see me though.
Gave me more durn wacky stuff than I could carry so I got a bag and tape from 'em to strap it on the bars. They fell off. Had to do a turn-around and go back after em! Murphy.

The girls got me scheduled for tests up in the next town... not sure if I'm bold enough to take the ht 10 miles one way yet. maybe after I get it jetted right and some kinda chain lube on it. Gotta hop on the fwy for a ramp to ramp for about two miles because there is no other road... That'll go over like a whoopee cushion in a pew! The chippie shop is at the following ramp, which is the same street as my testing is on.

Too big to hide, too fat to be a dancer, and now I gotta plan for a couple passes by the local donut eater's command center! Murphy, again.
I'll write a letter to guvnor Moonbeam and ask for a pardon, I guess... medical necessity.
Do they still give yah a free letter each week???
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