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Question New guy, need a bit of help!

Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum so I'll give a quick introduction: I'm Mike, I'm 15 (finally old enough to legally use a mb) and I live in central NJ. I have always had a passion for motors, building, and biking, so the thought of being able to make a motorized bicycle sounds like a fantastic idea to me. I just need a little bit of help getting started.
Okay so first, I am looking to just have a basic bike. I am not going to ride anywhere outside my neighborhood and just want something to take for a spin and enjoy building. My only picky thing is no coaster brakes. Now is a good time to say that I would like to keep a $400 budget. I feel that a beach cruiser style bike fits my needs well. I have already decided on an engine after tons of research and I think a Raw motors 50cc 2 stroke kit will be perfect and I have heard great things about it. Cost is about $150, leaving $250 for the bike and other necesities. My question is what cruiser bikes people have had an easy installation with. I have no machine shop and would like to have no heavy modifications.

So, what bike can fit the description?

Besides that, I don't have any other questions for now. There is one thing though: I am really really concerned about the legality of these bikes. I have been all over the forums and have seen contradicting opinions in NJ such as "register, insure, and get a license, it is worth the money and the crazy trouble" and "forget the cops, registering and everything else is a waste of time and money, just ride and play dumb if anything happens". I have no clue what to do; I am familiar with how to operate a bike or motorbike safely in traffic, and it's not like I am going to ride outside of my little suburban neighborhood.
Anyway thats enough of my babbling now, I hope I could get a bit of advice... thanks in advance!

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