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Default First Build (Western Flyer)

I just bought this old western flyer bike and I wanted to repaint it and add some additional cosmetic changes like a banana seat and different handlebars, but i could use professional opinions on how to proceed.

The bike has rust, the paint is chipping, but it isn't in horrible shape. I've got a 4'' wire brush and another head that is designed to remove paint, but I'm not sure how to get into certain areas. Parts of the paint don't even need to be striped and could possibly be painted over, but I'm just not sure which direction to move in.

Is this fender worth salvaging or is it worth it to buy a new one online? I really do want this bike to look good.

how would i remove the paint in tight spaces like these? should i even bother?

I'd like to preserver the labels and stickers, but if I'm going to be grinding the paint away, how do i protect the stickers? I've heard of people heating these up to remove them, but wouldn't that destroy the sticker?

As you can see the paint on the joints is chipping and rusted

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