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Default Re: a couple mods I would like to try ....

Originally Posted by Finfan View Post
I have been considering the drum and disc brakes for my upcoming build but I was wondering about the strain on the spokes. Are there heavy duty spokes that can be fit to the wheel to handle the extra stress? I know that coaster brakes seem to work with this ok but I expect that the ability to brake harder will create more strain on the wheels. I was also wondering if it is possible to put either drum or disc brakes on the rear wheel? I haven't owned a bike for years and I have no experience with these at all.
Hi, just noticed your post. I did nothing additional for the spoke issue and have had no problems. I have read that wild spoke patterns like radial are not suitable for wheels with drum brakes. Standard spokes, well built wheels, 36 spoke 3 cross pattern are quite strong.

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