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Default Re: Anyone tried this yet?

Well, I flew ultralight planes with 2 strokes, for 20 years, and believe me, when the motor is keepin yer adz from crashing, you do your research and find out what's been done in the past, and what works .

Some of the UL guys used synyhetic, some even 100 to 1. They had good results if they ran them regularly. If they ran them occasionly, they had more probs with corrosion on bearings. Seems the dino oil has better corrosion prevention.
The majority stuck with dino oil. Favorite brand was Pennzoil for air cooled engines, at 50-1, after 40-1 for couple hrs hard break in on the ground. They follow the belief that you will never have optimum ring seal if you don't run it hard soon after inital start up. They used a plan where you held a certain rpm a few munites, then reduced rpm a few munites, then a higher rpm a few munites then reduce then higher ect, ect.

We found out that the cheap 1 gal Wallyworld oil was the same stuff as the Yellow bottle ! Made by Pennzoil, their name was in the fine print on the jug, Prolly still is. Pennzoil spent a lot of money on research on the Ultralight engines and their needs , a while back and changed their formula some after.

Many doccumented cases where people were getting 1200 hours on their engines with WW or the yellow bottle, before overhaul, which is phenominal, since reccomended overhaul is 300 hrs, and quite a few often crapped out before then.

The ones that were used every day or so, seemed to have the least problems.

This is just my real world experience with 2 strokes in the air, 510 hrs in my log book.

I think that oil is oil. use too little or too much and performance suffers and maintenance increases.

Too much oil causes early carbon build up behind the rings, till they eventualy start sticking and causing blowby, heat, siezure. Not to mention oil dripping from the carbon clogged muffler.
I think anything stronger than 50/1 with modern 2 stroke dino oil is way overkill.

If you open up an engine run on 50-1 you will find a heavy oil coating on every square inch of every surface.

Just mt 2 cents. Nother $1.48 and you got a cup o coffee LOL.

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