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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

" Figured the least I could do is save the paramedics from cleaning my shorts lol."

Har Goatster! That is funny.

The exact second I finished my first build, (which ran for about 12 seconds before I drove the tensioner into the spokes) I look at this thing and marvel how beautiful she is. Then get this weird and scary thought. "what if she won't start?" then even more worrisome, "what if she does?" LOL

Yeppers, most nights I go to sleep and wake up trying to figure some design out.

Not kidding, Carol's Mom asked her what I do out in the garage until 2am some times and if I was on drugs!

.....ya might be a MBer... snork

(Carol replied; "He is happy, in his element and not sitting in a bar some where. Which was cool to hear. That she was truly OK with my obsession, er. I mean hobby)
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