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Gave me an idea Rohmel. DIY flex shafts. Drain cleaning cables come in many sizes and can buy couplers for them with threaded bolts.

I have been trying to figure out for years how to or where to buy a 90* worm gear to alow for using a vertical shaft lawn mower replacement engine for a rack mount. They are cheap and low profile. Would make for a great rack-mount IMHO.

Make it like a boat/ships stuffing box with just some pipe with a zerk fitting. Would be a lot of friction so heat might be an issue. Maybe bearings on either end?

If this works will call it a "Rohmel gear"

The drain cleaning cables are pretty much just long, tightly wound springs in a right-hand "lay". They are used to cut roots out of sewers and are amazingly strong. I have cut some huge root stalks out of pipes with em so have great hope for this idea.

Thanks Mon!

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