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Default Re: First post and First build

So I decided to get a new carb instead of toying with what everyone says is garbage. Thatsdax rt carb to be ordered friday. along with fuel filter/spark plug/expansion chamber from SBP, and also getting the Jaguar CDI unit/coil from JNMotors. I'm giddy with anticipation.

Also took my first fairly long ride(to work and back) yesterday, learned that sidewalks are a lot less fun at 25mph, and altered my route to include all bike lane.

e/ I'm intending for this to be my main transportation to and from work. So I went ahead and did some temporary waterproofing. About a pound and a half of electrical tape to all wiring, and a plastic barrier between my rear tire and the carb(till I can find fenders that won't look idiotic on this style bike.)

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