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Default Re: Time to tune - need help.

It's been my experience that plug color becomes a guessing game on Opti-2. All of my plugs maintain a consistent grey coloration. The only difference being in the shade of grey. Dark, and I know I'm a little rich. Light and I'm either good, or a bit lean.
Others have reported the odd grey color here and I believe it might depend on the geographical area where you live. Gasoline blends seem to differ in parts of the country.

Air cleaner: Is it the stock, kit supplied one or an aftermarket item? Is there any restriction in air flow. Choke plate open completely? Throttle slide opening fully?

I'd still give it a few miles before worrying too much. 50 to 70 miles isn't going to be enough to really seat those rings properly. Run three to five gallons through it and see what happens. As I said; They just keep getting better with age.
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