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Default Re: Time to tune - need help.

Yes. Decreasing jet size will effect WOT conditions. I just went back and looked at your specs. You have the needle on the top notch which is the leanest position. Just for grins have you tried lowereing that 'C' clip to the second notch running Opti-2? It's possible that what you're seeing is a lean condition at mid throttle and a little fatter on the mix might help. What's your plug color looking like? Don't be surprised to see a grey color as opposed to the typical brown you'd expect with other oils. Let us know.
Another consideration is the low milage you have on that new top end. I'd give it some time before making too many changes. Remember, you're dealing with the same conditions that you'd have with a new engine. They always run better the more miles they accrue.
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