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Default Yup! Another Cranny build.

Howdy from Houston Texas guys. I am a noob to motor bikes although I have built several 3-5k Mountain Bikes and raced MX back in the day, so I have a lot of experience with either/or, but never combined, so Ill have a lot of questions and hope yall can hook me up!

The engine I ordered is the Raw 50cc in silver and after much reading here, pretty much every component on this bike is junk. At least for a guy who likes Chris King stuff. Not that I'm going that far out on my first build. Nothing against Huffy, but it's a Huffy.

Brakes: Coaster brakes alone will not do it for me and I guess the only option are cantis which brings up wheels. I plan to upgrade wheels and which many of you know, rims that use cantis or vee-brakes usually have a sidewall designed for them. I looked up the last place I ordered my wheels for and they have cruiser wheels with low end Shimano stuff at $90, but I don't think they will handle cantis.

Bicycle Wheel Warehouse

To be continued.

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