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Default Re: Hole in the middle of the Crank...

Originally Posted by rustycase View Post
Can I sneak in my 2cents?

Is it possible this engine has a lot of hours on it and wear to the extreme and the crank is throwing the piston too high causing it to hit the head?
Wore out bearing could do this in an engine that already had a close clearance???

Perhaps a thicker base or head gasket???

DaveC... I just found my old inch/lb snap-on the other day... no clue on it's state of calibration, but it's got a 1/2" drive! lol
First I'd mill the head. Then put two gaskets on and torque the head down to 100 inch pounds. Check to see if the piston is still hitting the head. If so repeat with another gasket. Once everything has the clearance, remove the head gaskets, spray both sides of each gasket with Copper Kote or something like it. Replace the head and torque to 150 inch pounds.
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