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Default Re: FINALLY DONE! THANK YOU ALL! Check this out...

Thats the only problem....I definately dont feel comfortable giving it full throttle for more than 5 miles or so without stopping for a slight cool-down. I'm thinking that maybe I could try going the opposite direction soon and putting the much larger sprocket on like the 50T or bigger, that way the top speed would be around 30 I bet. Thered be so much acceleration that it'd be basically a dirt bike. Before I downsized the 44T stock sprocket, I was getting insane acceleration which was way fun. As much as I like top speed, it takes probably a quarter mile to get up to cruise speed

I went through 2 beach cruiser bike frames so far before I went out and bought a sturdy mountian bike with shocks on craigslist. The entice frame on the previous bikes would crack and completely snap loose in a lot of places
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