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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Another flaw in the "don't use stainless" theory is any dissimilar metals in aluminum will induce the corrosive effects of electrolysis, at least w/stainless it'll be limited to only one of the two materials lol

TBH, unless it's a salt water marine application such is really a moot point. While there will always be some galvanic effect, in boats it's aggravated by their immersion in salt water and their onboard electrical systems (ground fault in an aluminum boat = dissolved w/a quickness despite all sacrificial anodes heh) - even living on the coast, riding all year & in the winter salt (calcium chloride now actually & that's nasty stuff) the dissimilar metal effect w/my bikes is so minor as to be irrelevant.

Far more practical concerns would be the quality & price of stainless & it's relative worth in a project - far too often the "stainless" offered at premium prices simply isn't, it's of such a low grade that it'll spot rust within a season and this is with so called "quality marine grade replacement parts" - as but one example, even brand new boats often have oxide streaks on their hull from their "stainless" fasteners w/o ever even being dunked before, just from the exposure to the sea air.

So, while the dissimilar metal thing is not enough of an issue to care - getting the value you expect at a reasonable cost might be... for the average build I don't personally think it's worth it.

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