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Default Re: New guy, what to get?

Very nice mtb, Gary.
Glad you decided not to ruin it with an ht !
Maybe a Morini some day???? :-)

Manicmechanic or SportscarPat both sell hub adapters and there is controversy over which might be better... your choice! lol

I can not stress enough that you shall NEED brakes for that wallybike!
Great looking bike frame and all that, but confidence in a coaster brake will get you in serious trouble leaving you with no options to recover.
I don't have the savvy to advise you specifically on brake improvement for that bike. Someone knowledgeable will.

Spokes on the wallybike will stretch like crazy... 'til about the time the back wheel bearings go bad... by then you will have learned about Worksman wheels and Husky wheels...

...and my 2cents would be to get some apes and ride the cruiser as a comfort bike while you select parts for a boardtrack replica.

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