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Default Re: First post and First build

I'm waiting for some mountain bike enthusiast to freak about the fact that I've put a motor on a 800 dollar bike. I'm really enjoying it, it rides better every time out. took it for at least 30 laps of my half mile block. and snapped the chain at 30mph(the highest i've gotten out of it) not bad for toting a 210 6'4" man. Tomorrow I will be buying a newer heavier chain hopefully. going to try my LBS for a 415 or a 410H chain. or pray home depot or lowes carries a #41. Friday is payday, and that means upgraded plug/wires/air filter/fuel filter/expansion chamber from Sbp. I'm having so much fun on this thing I just have to upgrade it. Essentially, I'm still having to keep the choke about half for lower power, and then open it up for full throttle. but in some ways it's fun. Like shifting into higher gear. More break in and better performance parts may eliminate how drastic the difference is with the clutch. Also waiting till other parts are on before I start tuning.
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