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Default Newb from Newport, RI no build yet

Hi All,

I'm not mechanically savvy. i've owned a yamaha scooter for a year now. It's time to do something different. I've signed up for the intro to riding class at the community college to get my motorcycle license, but i dont see myself getting a motorcycle any time soon. I'm turned on by the motor assisted bicycle because here in RI you don't need to register it. some of my neighbors have uilt some really sweet bikes over the winter. I'd buy one off them, but they're well built and outside my budget.

I think my goal should be to have my first build be under $300.00. if this isn't feasible, let me know, cuz i don't .

I plan to find a bike on the cheap i.e. yard sale or craigslist. then to order the proper engine kit.

any simple words of advice is appreciated!
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