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Default Re: New guy, what to get?

Order a hub adapter quickly !!!!!

(so you'll never, ever have to mess with a rag joint!)

and get a nice wide seat with springs... this is different than pedal biking where you frequently stand up to pedal. You shall be sitting ALL the time, even when pedal starting!

I personally like taller handlebars
a luggage rack
speedo/odometer is fun
Cheapo toolset to carry with you
chainbreaker (take two links from the chain if possible)

I wish I had a mirror! lol and will get one soon!

You'll have loads of fun!
Dinky little things that are easy to work on... and that's a good thing, because they require frequent attention.

Read as many of the threads as you can here before the kit arrives!!!!
There is SO much valuable info here!

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