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Default Re: Hole in the middle of the Crank...

Yes, ball bearing then bucking bar and grease them with the thickest grease you can find, like suspension grease. Assembly grease and Lubriplate aren't really thick enough but will do in a pinch. This assembly is under constant pressure and always turns when the motor is running..

About the piston slapping the head. That can happen with uneven torques on the head studs. If you have acorn nuts throw them away and get some good nuts from ACE or Lowes or best is a speciality nut and bolt house like I luckly have right down the street. Run your torque to spec in stages using a pattern of some kind like an "X" or "Z". I use a "Z" pattern and after each round of four nuts tightened shift the pattern around 1 place and go to the next torque. I bought my beam-type torque wrench years ago at a used tool place. Now you can get the click-type at Harbor freight for under $15 for a 1/4" wrench. The 3/8ths one is too inacurate in the lowest settings so I'd avoid that one.

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